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There are carefully orchestrated conspiracies holding back the development of Africa. There is the international conspiracy authored and executed by the advanced countries of the world. This has caused countries like Nigeria to remain mere producers of raw materials to feed the production sectors of the big economies. This well-crafted conspiracy can be challenged and broken.

A more disheartening conspiracy against the progressive movement of the mostly poor population of Africa, is the one planned and executed internally by Africans who should be in the vanguard of casting their lots with their peoples and improving the years of decay and lost opportunities that keep the scar - Africa in the conscience of the world.

About 3million children in sub Saharan Africa die annually from hunger related diseases, yet the core of the continent’s leadership remains among the richest, mostly from stolen state resources. The lexicon is “poor people, rich leaders”. Until this internal conspiracy is broken, the prospect of confronting international hegemonic tendencies will remain slim.

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