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Rhythm of Thought

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February 4, 2016    |    Francis Egbokhare

I hear reverberations
Is this the stampede in the Serengeti?
Footfalls of Ogbologbo?
Ululations of initiates of the cult of Mumu-da?
Rumbles of zealots of inanities?

Hail Napoleon!
Herdmaster1 of spoofed eggheads
Chant master of chichidodo
Fitful in Parot-xysm
Exuberant in Cacophoney
He spews the chichi chant of the dodo:

Though we know not what we fight for
Nor care less what we believe
All we are sure of is victory ahead
If we shake the pinions
For the bullions make us strong

We knock heads to crack the egg
And join hands to crush their balls
We gain control
Vigilant against their logic
We attain command
In patrols against their logos
For dominion makes us strong

Batter brain for brawn
Hot air for argument
Furtive fury for logic
Duty calls Napoleon’s praise to sing
For opinions makes us wrong

We ’Toons2 croon
Fitful slaves of Goons
Scions of (ty)coons
Divided we lose the pickings
Together we phish the manor
For the minion makes us strong

Run the race you rats
Share your frays great gnats
Hang your noose O knaves
Better dead than rass
For division makes us puns

Isoni soni3 Solidarity
Isoni dariti fo eda
Isoni soni Solidarity
Isoni dariti fo eda
For the minion makes us strong

Iso ni to4
Ruin Africa
Ruin Africa
Iso ni to
  1. Master of the herd  2. Cartoon characters 3. Yoruba; iso ni ‘it is fart’; fo eda (je) ‘trick mankind’; isonito ‘fart is enough’ 4.  ‘the farting is enough

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