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The Efficacy of Human Vigilance is still the best form of Security

February 4, 2016 | Chima Amadi

We are at the mercy of God in Nigeria in terms of security. Na God de save us. Forget the heavy presence of soldiers ,Mopol et al as you approach the nation's airports , especially , those designated as international. All na show!
From my apartment in DC till I got to the IAD Washington Dulles International airport , I didn't see a single roadblock , neither did I notice gun wielding security operatives, but that is not the purpose of this piece o. I arrived the Virgin Atlantic check-in area quite early, in fact , they are yet to come to work sef. So I sat very close to their counter to wait for them. Naturally, nature called and I left my luggage to go do number one . I reckoned that since the restrooms were just less than ten feet from where I was seated, I would be back before anyone can shout"chanji".

Friends, de piss no even rush plenty as I no drink water in d morning. So it took me less than 15 seconds to zip up and rush back to my bags. By the time I got there, about five fully ready officers ( wielding walkie Talkies, hidden cams, scanners , etc) had surrounded my luggage and were about to escalate the matter when I told them the bags were mine. They calmly asked me not to leave my bags unattended for "too long". Apparently, some eagle eyed operative going through a CCTV camera had alerted them to an unattended luggage necessitating the quick response.

The efficacy of human vigilance is still the best form of security .

We spent $470m in Abuja installing CCTV cameras;all over Abuja you find road blocks by all sorts, yet Boko Haram operates and blows up bombs like knock-outs. Anyway, holiday will soon be over and we shall commence our engagement from where we left it .

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