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The innovations of a generation are not simple wishes. They are works of deep reasoning for changing stereotypes, improving standards and encouraging education. Man has an abundant talent for innovations, giving prescription to new problems and turning the problems of yesterday to the inventions of today. African countries like Nigeria continue to consume the maverick discoveries and innovations of others, while the producers in the west and rising Asian giants in turn continue to extract resources from Africa for their manufacturing sectors thus undermining the potential for development in these peripheral countries.
Development is a process of expanding opportunities for members of the society and mobilizing the full range of their capabilities and resources for the common benefit of the state. On the basis of this, the reason why Nigeria still remains underdeveloped is not farfetched. A country that has many of its citizens unemployed and under-employed is not mobilizing the full range of its citizen’s capabilities. It is only when majority is engaged in productive activities that a country can begin to talk about development.

Nigeria can boast of economic growth not development.

Nigeria’s under-development is made obvious by its peripheral status among the comity of nations. Its unhegemonic temperament makes it regularly prone to the logic and imperatives of foreign intervention facilitated by indigenous dominant collaborators who are inclined towards distribution rather than production. To set the stage for development the country must be prepared to mobilize its abundant human resource for scientific, technological and industrial innovations. It should key into the opportunities the fourth industrial revolution offers.

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