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The human spirit matters in the ability of the state to triumph in the competition between the failures of the past and the planned failure of tomorrow. Within this scenario, it does not really require deep insight to know who the winners will be in a competition for space within a system operated to deny the poor the opportunity to achieve good life.
The winners are the political profiteers, whose ambitions are to elevate the self far above the collective, cornering political and economic powers, and working in the process to mentally debase society.

It can then be said that some political elites represent different selves collaborating to extort the people. This behavior has unfortunately possessed many members of the oppressed class. Call them the masses if you like. You now have a society where many grandstand for the positive, but the intention is to outdo or cheat the next man. It has become a society of negative competition. It continues to boomerang, throwing us from left to right, up and down and many times in a zig-zag fashion. This is the reason our country has remained a bloated stomach, suffering constant constipation. As we continue to gulp more concoctions, the indigestion will eventually lead to vomiting.

Nigeria’s political dogma has been like a goat that is tired of eating raw yam. The goat envies its owner who loves “yam porridge” made with dry fish and meat. The goat waited for its owner who was preparing for a small feast to go to the market. It then went into the Kitchen to make “yam porridge” for itself. Opportunity comes but once, so the goat used the biggest pot in the house and pealed more than five tubers of yam from the barn.
It made a feast for itself using the dry fish and meat its owner kept for a small feast he planned for his friends. It was a good meal, the goat ate to its satisfaction and planned to build its own kitchen.

The owner of the goat came back to find that his dry fish and meat were gone. He can’t disappoint his friends. The feast must take place, so he decided to kill the goat for the feast.
How Buhari fits into analogy sets me thinking. Does he represent the owners of the land? The political class and their cohorts in the economic sector of the country, especially the banking sector have not only eaten the yam in the farm, they have also eaten the fish and set the kitchen on fire. They ran helter-skelter looking for a man to help quench the fire, perhaps in their bid to continue to cook yam. Whether Buhari has the temerity to make a feast for the people using the gluttonous goats is yet to be seen.

Apparently the self has become themselves in their quest to mount a rebound. For now, it looks like it is externally orchestrated, but take note; in the lucrative business of corruption, there is no dividing line between those in the opposition and those in the ruling party. The coalition is so tight that the followers on both sides are laughed at by the elite culprits for straining themselves in defense of the yam eaters.

The unity of Nigeria’s political elites is not in doubt. Corruption is the glue that keeps them together. This is where my dilemma lies;
Can it be said that president Buhari is a product of the conspiracy to deceive, by a bloc of the political class? If the answer is yes, how soon will he be ready to start a fight with this bloc? Will he be their nemesis?
Borrowing Ken Saro Wiwa’s words in the book ‘A month and a day and letters’, “injustice stalks the land like a tiger on the prowl. To be at the mercy of buffoons is the ultimate insult. To find the instruments of state power reducing you to dust is the injury”
Saro Wiwa through these words reminds us of the years eaten by locusts. Some of the locusts are the ones preaching salvation and change.

Nigerians have suffered for too long. They must be saved from the maniacal instinct of the consumers of their future. If the carcasses of the corrupt political elites are what Nigeria needed for its development, then let vultures have a feast.

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