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Rhythm of Thought

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Rhythm of Thought


May 31, 2016   |   Edmund Obilo

When hunger and deprivation make war upon you,
You lose your sense of duty
When the good things of life you cannot reach deny you happiness,
You lose your sense of beauty
When your wishes becomes horses,
You are closer to becoming a beggar, sadly you cannot ride.

I weep inside everyday due to the many helpless persons I meet on the street. My helplessness makes me leave many of them without intervening. To be overwhelmed by their pathetic situation is to be an ice in the sun. To smile is to mock the mothers that gave birth to them here.

This day, a young man walked up to me and begged for “something”. He said he was hungry and needed to eat. I gave him the “something” I could afford and he smiled. He then said, “Mr. Edmund, I learnt you give people books. Please, can you give me one? I want to read it”.
I was happy to give him a book and he left. Two days later, while driving on the same road, I saw this brother strolling, eating beam cake popularly known as ‘akara’.
He was happy to see me again.

I came down from the car to shake his hand, but his hands were full. A ball of akara on one hand, a wrap of akara on the other hand, with the book I gave him clamped between his left arm and body.
He is a nice guy.
He offered me akara. I didn’t want it, but from the look on his face refusing the offer, would hurt his feelings. I took a ball of akara from the wrap, then something struck me about the oil stained paper use to wrap it.

It was a page from the book, I gave him. He knew I was disappointed. Before I could say a word, he said Mr. Edmund, I am very sorry. It is not what you think. He told me that the money I gave him two days earlier was not enough to keep a good distance between him and hunger. That after he exhausted the money, hunger came again. That he had to pull out the first hundred pages of the book which he traded for the akara he was eating that evening. To be sure he was telling the truth. I asked him to show me the book.
Truly the first hundred pages were gone.
“Why the first hundred pages?”
He said, they were the pages he had read before he became too hungry for comfort.
He told me that he planned reading the remaining pages after eating the balls of akara with him.

Ah, poor young man.
His plan was to take the remaining part of the book after reading it to the akara woman, who will then give him akara for the next day’s meal. The book was his meal ticket. The price of the book far worth’s more than the akara, but how do I explain that to him?
How do you tell a hungry man that paper is worth more than food?

We live in a period of hardship, mixed with hope but compounded by our resolve to mourn our predicaments instead of working out methods to correct our lost opportunities. Let a people in a period of sober reflection take a walk to the hill top from where they will see the sprawling land with its green vegetation wasting away.
Take note;
In the course of life, so little do we need to be satisfied.
Those who steal what should be for the happiness all are men and women of little minds.
It is pettiness to rob a nation of its resources.
It is emptiness to waste state resources on frivolities, especially when there are many who go to bed in empty stomachs.

Men and women of little minds will never understand that the justification for leadership is the preservation of the well-being of the people.
The realization that the stumbling blocks can be pushed down is the key to the castle of hope.
Nobody but ourselves can do this for our country.
In this lie a sustainable future that will mark our arrival to the global club of progressive nations.
This is our dream, it can be our reality.

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