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Rhythm of Thought

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Rhythm of Thought


  • Nigeria places the privileges of the powerful as her primary concern and has historically insisted that poverty and pain is the portion of the majority. 
  • Nigeria was created on a fraudulent premise, leading to fraudulent politics that produce fraudulent leaders. Its democracy is a fraud. 
  • "Principled moral behavior reaps higher rewards for all because fair treatment towards others promotes fair behavior". Nigeria is yet to take note of this. 
  • Nigeria does not take advantage of its challenges to create a good future. It compounds its problems and creates with ease a future of conflicts. 
  • Nigeria is a land of relentless antagonists. It needs a sober negotiating spirit to make it virile or it becomes a land of bullets. 
  • Nigerian leaders limit the country to small dreams. More pathetic is their knack to celebrate little things with big money. 
  • The Buhari government suffers from a crisis of confidence. More worrisome is the President's acceptance of the declinist mood. 
  • Nigeria urgently needs the coalition of men and women with ideas. Ideas that will become powerful forces that will define her reality.

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