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It was not policies that messed up Nigeria but politics - the desperate and deadly competition for power. From observation, the situation is getting worse under the present system. The power blocs within the All Progressive Congress (APC) and their outlooks are clear manifestations of what Nigeria has become.

For example, the Buhari bloc is power concerned and militarist in nature. No intellectual outlook with its actions tending more towards political exploitation. The Tinubu bloc appreciates intellectual enlightenment, but contradicts it with its perceived outlook of exploitative economic despotism.
No doubt, the powerful blocs of the political class has primitively acquired the Nigerian state, leading to the deployment of extremism in the exercise of power. One of the consequences of the hijacking by the hegemonic social classes is exclusive politics in a rather violent form.
Being a repressive society, the masses of Nigeria are at the mercy of the state. Therefore for now, the state cannot be decisively dealt with by the people.

Renowned late Nigerian scholar Claud Ake aptly captured one of the reasons for the nagging crises of the Nigerian state when he said that “A society where a high degree of economic inequality exist must necessarily be repressive. Those who are economically privileged tend to be interested in preserving the existing social order … In so far as there is [extreme] economic inequality in a society, that society cannot have political democracy”.

Nigerians must rise up to the task of making the state be in their economic and political interest as seen in the emerging economies with the same historical antecedent as Nigeria.

The centre of the global economy is shifting. United Arab Emirate (UAE) is the home to the most richly endowed investment fund. What about Nigeria?
Hong Kong now rivals New York and London as the leading financial centre. What about Lagos? Some 25years ago, the United States led in many spheres, but today not one of the top ten biggest malls in the world is in the US. The biggest is the New South China Mall, Donggaun in China. What is Nigeria waiting for?
Populism, a political movement hostile towards elites and mainstream politics is growing in Europe and America. Will this happen in Nigeria soon?

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