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There are no obstacles too big for a willing country to surmount, the reason political will is critical in the movement of a state from the lower rung to the advanced height. Linked to this is the importance of blueprints necessary for genuine development, but more important is the political will to do what is good for country. This can be referred to as the purity of intention. It ensures that the conscience of those in leadership positions are troubled by the decisions they make. 

Moral standing gives identity to policy implementation. Where policy implementation is not guided by high moral standard, the blue prints for development become the worthless papers of the bin.
For a better tomorrow, Nigeria must look at the value system that encourages corruption, robbery and other violent crimes. The country must also critically appraise how the lust for wealth without work, has endangered the peaceful co-existent of the people. It must ruminate on how trust has disappeared from many of our relationships.

This is the time for those who stand for goodness to rise to the pinnacles of the different spheres of national life. Their lives become examples for the people. President Buhari’s role in this regard is to pursue goodness for the country using good people.

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