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Achieving the common good in a brutal and repressive society should be the ultimate goal of the oppressed. In a system where the political class thrives on corruption and system suffocating antics, the oppressed must hold on to something or be crushed.
Those that wither under mis-governance are believers of the defeatist theory or are too weak to engage the system. This is the fundamental problem behind our backwardness.

Who protects the weak in a society hijacked by a political class bent on dislocating the poor?
According to Charles Kabuto Kabuye:
“We are frightened men,
Men without core or guts
We move and act by group control
We fear everything with funny consequences
Our brand of religion is a chain of scape gods
Through it we fear to discuss the movement of our humanity”

The truth is that every society that fails to constructively engage its government will be taken for a ride. It is only benevolent leaders through their providential endowments that live and die for their societies without prompting. Unfortunately, Nigeria is not blessed with benevolent leaders.
A vibrant civil society positioned to ask questions, react to policies, stand up to corruption and most importantly have the love of country at heart is the solution to this ignominious level of mal-administration.

Where government does not fear the people, the people become dust in the wreckage of time.

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