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I really don't understand what the fuss is about. I am Nigerian, and botherless who the Yanks want or elect to be their president,but turning history upside down or trying to revise it makes my stomach churn in disgust. Rallies here, women's match there, civil rights under threat everywhere, just because an ultra conservative Republican won the American elections.
All of a sudden the Democratic Party now represents freedom, liberty, and civil rights. This was a party that represented the vilest of American history. It perpetrated and supported slavery (remember the civil war); supported segregation and resisted attempts to dismantle it by the Republicans.  This is the party of Jim Crow who voted against civil rights (voters right).
Since its founding in 1856 , the Republican Party have resolutely defended the values that these latter-day rights activists in the Democratic Party are trying to aggrandize. From Lincoln to Eisenhower, the Republicans have always defended civil rights and racial equality.

A little history will do nobody no harm. Obama won election twice and the heavens did not fall. The pride and the up-in-your-face attitude that was on display that day in 2008 was enough to trigger a backlash, but the losing party and its members sucked it up and went to work. They organized, and educated their base, carried out an in-house cleansing through the Tea Party movement and invigorated their support structures. The result is Trump.

I don't want to go into a higher level of analysis on why Trump (a very flawed candidate ab initio) emerged, which is not remotely linked to why Britain voted to leave the European Union, but my point here is, rather than stay on the streets to engage in violent protests and emotion-laden rhetoric (Michael Moore's was pathetic), let the Democratic Party get to work. They need to look inwards. Obama was a disaster for the party. Under him, and in eight years, the party lost almost 1000 positions to the Republicans (Senate, Reps, state houses, state senates, governorship races etc). Even with his fervent appeals, a very significant number of blacks voted for Trump than expected.
Get off the streets and organize and let Trump have his moment . He won, fair and square, Russia or no Russia, popular vote or not.

Written by Chima Amadi

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