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Nigeria is not developed. One reason that can be ascribed to its underdevelopment is the arrogance of its politics. The political elites continue to invest humongous amounts mostly stolen from national coffers into the self interest politics of the country at the expense of economic development. 
The country’s politics is empty and lacks substance. Administrations are similar in their outlook and misdeeds with the main leaders lacking the capacity for sober reflection.

Politics is empty when it is propelled by corruption, ethnicity and sectionalism. Empty politics leads to dangerous politics. Politics become dangerous when it is controlled and dictated by men and women with the propensity for violence and theft.
Nigeria plays dangerous politics. Dangerous politics throws up men and women, blinded by office, defeated by the lust for wealth and condemned by their sins against a defeated mass of poor people.

Despite fifty six years of political independence, Nigeria is still grappling with
rudimentary issues that challenge states at their creation. But sadly, it has failed to accept recommendations that will sought us out. Those milking the state, always want the status quo to remain. They live on the state, their sources of billions are the country’s coffers. They instigate violence for political reasons and swim in the rivers of blood spilled by their agents. This is the tragedy of the Nigerian state.
Nigeria continues to descend into the abyss by the unregulated brazenness and corruption of its leadership class. It is a country known to produce in abundance men and women, lacking conscience and graduating by the day into the institute of political exploitation.

Development cannot occur in a domain of dangerous politics. Dangerous politics deny the state of strategic thinkers. You need thinkers to examine and reexamine the state and suggest ways out of its challenges. The good works of thinkers enable states to come out with principles and objectives that stimulate progress.
The light of a country is finally extinguished when its intellectual class especially those in the university join the bandwagon. From the way the Nigerian system is exploited by its politics, some members of the intellectual class are already taking lectures on corruption, violence and hatred for knowledge from the institute of exploitation established by the corrupt elites.
When the intellectual class begins to find mentorship in the characters that play dangerous politics, a national convulsion will occur and the brain of the land will be taken away. It then becomes a land of idiots.

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