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Rhythm of Thought

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Any nation that waters down the eloquent and bold contribution of its youths, consigns the future to a situation of pain and anarchy.
The Nigerian state has not been fair to students of our Universities and other higher institutions. Students crying to make their voices heard;
They clamp down on them
Drag them before disciplinary committees
And hack them down
It is appalling
It is pathetic
It is tragic and unacceptable

The need to bring sanity in our institutions is important, but more important is the urgency to produce new leaders who will redirect the Nigerian State. These leaders will not emerge if the university remains a place that cannot tolerate diverse opinions and accommodate legitimate demands.
I call on Nigerian Universities to reinstate students rusticated for expressing their preferences. They have a right in the negotiation of their future.

This is the time to reposition our universities and make them international centres of knowledge. This cannot be achieved in a brutal environment. A system of awakening instigated by the intention to chart a purposeful course is critical to the evolution of Nigeria. Its core ingredient is solid education marshaled my intellectuals at their best, not one controlled by fading intellectuals at their dictatorial best.

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