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Considering the many cases of unresolved murders, mass killings by government agents, political oppression and corruption in Nigeria, I have come to the conclusion that Nigeria is lucky not to have assumed the status of a failed state. This is one country that produces leaders and followers armed with weapons of destabilization, firing bullets and missiles of deceit at the heart of the country, yet the country has refused to die. It appears that Nigeria has been constructed to be resilient and resistant to factors that sink nations.

It is a country that has survived a bloody civil war, mass killings in the form of religious and ethnic aggressions. Nigeria has survived uprisings like the Maitasine crisis and Niger Delta agitation. It has survived monumental leadership recklessness and appears to be waxing stronger in the face of the consistent loads of pain heaped on it.  
I have my fears. Nigeria is taking its luck too far.

We are not unawares of stories of men and women who looked healthy but suddenly collapsed and died. With the way we are going, I fear we will wake one morning and find that Nigeria has sunk, with its citizens scattered in different directions. We have been appeasing the crocodile and hoping that it will not consume us.  We have laid traps for ourselves, yet we believe we are free to walk around. We have political leaders who continually drain the country of its resources, yet we believe that that a man who continually loose blood will not die. Han Fei Tzu said that if evil ministers enjoy safety and profit, it is the beginning of downfall. To Larry Diamond, over the last half century, no country in Africa has appeared more promising of greatness, only to have fallen into the abyss of ethnic conflict, political crises, and governance failure.  

The present situation cannot encourage the preservation and enlargement of freedom, as freedom is a fall out of good governance and democracy. Our values of governance can only be described as violence in its natural state. In this case, politics which ordinarily should take care of the welfare of the generality of the people has been transformed to an arrangement of discomfort and pain.
It is time to rethink the structure, institutions and processes of the Nigerian state.

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