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Rhythm of Thought

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Rhythm of Thought


I must say, I am glad standing on this platform to speak to a future that holds the promise of life abundance for the many children, women, men, boys and girls of my beloved country. I cherish the opportunity to be part of this day. A day that launches a new frontier in the life of the shinning faces staring at me. It is a pleasure to have been invited here to converse with the collection of abundant talents that Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is grooming under strenuous conditions. I am hopeful that the talents I see will in the short and long run rejuvenate a society in dire need of shinning stars.
I must congratulate Nigerian students for standing firm in the face of the aggression of the Nigerian state and its agents. In a period of great expectations, in a period when the world has become flat, that one can stroll with ease from one culture to the other – a globalized world, it becomes necessary to produce global citizens that can hold their own and improve the cause of humanity. I see global giants in your faces.
Congratulations for going through the strains that the scarcity of vital ingredients of good education have imposed on you to emerge as the budding beauty of tomorrow.
Take note;
There are many, who cherish education but are so poor to understand why providence has placed obstacles on their paths. You must be grateful for the not-good that you have and prepare to improve the situation. Pay yourself in the academic gold and diamond that education brings.

As you know, I am a radio man. Journalism is my profession. I meet new people almost every day in the course of doing my job. Some say I am an activist journalist, some say my angry spirit is full of revolutionary stings. Some say he is intellectually driven. To others he is passionate about the suffering of the people to a fault. To some, he is a pain in the neck.  People see you in different ways. They define you. Some don’t like you, some are confused about you. You will meet this as you go. 
Someone wrote to a student on graduation day, saying:
“Life isn’t too different from college. You will make new friends and new foes along the way. You will meet people who you fall in love with, and people you start to dislike. There will be people who support you and people who will become the biggest naysayers. There will be victories, there will be defeats. Just keep going, work hard and aim to win.”

In this message is the reality of life
In this message is the ability to hold fast to that which is good
In this message is the call to use your prodigious capacity for sober reflection and create a better future for you and the society.

Education is golden, richer than the treasures in the Treasure Island
Education is powerful
Education is as bright as the sun
It is the light into the future
You have gained education and you are so bright. But you can be brighter if you took your next stage of learning with the motivation to be the best. Some are studying to be doctors, some want to be engineers, some love to be pilots, lawyers, geologists, journalists, diplomats, political scientists, teachers, business men. You can be what you want to be if you keep your dreams alive and realistically work to achieve them.

I love books, they make me glow
I watch documentaries, they keep me informed
I play music, it relaxes my nerves. I am not a good dancer but I dance too. Work while you work, play while you play, but the greatness of tomorrow is a product of the hard work of today.
While you dream big, watch those things that can deny you happiness and make you socially irresponsible.

Friends, today reminds me that the future is a ball. It is not only your kick that determines the direction it goes. The bumpy ground can re-direct it, the reason the things around you matter in the decisions you make.
As you fly, your wings will not break
As you run, may you not fall
When you speak in the citadel of hope, you will not lose your voice
As you study, I wish you everything good.

[Being my parting statement to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) students after delivering the June 12, 2017 lecture entitled "June 12: The Past, Present, and Future of Nigerian Democracy, organised by the University's Students Union]

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