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The Exhibition - Oya Goddess of Wind

The exhibition 'Oju'nu, Agba oye' takes a deep look into the indigenous knowledge of the Yoruba people, southwestern part of Nigeria. Yoruba proverbs, idioms and folklores, even couture are pointers to the rich culture of  the people which resonates in the study of mankind. The culture of Yoruba land is an endowment of immense proportion in global polity.

To be featured in the exhibition is the Oya goddess of wind' which depicts faith of the Yoruba Natives as 'way of connection with nature’s energies'.
Also, 'Oduduwa part 11' takes a cursory look into the rich historical heritage of a
people spread across the length and breadth of the Universe and its social political dynamics on how it has impacted man's civilizational procedure.

Sad to note however, is our lack of courage and the boldness to lay claim to that which we are naturally endowed, largely because some foreign intervention had told us ours is inferior and idolatrous, and we unfortunately fell into that ditch, where we now found ourselves shuttling in a crypt. A former president of United States of America clearly states that, there is no culture so crude without some elements of sophistication and vice versa.
Now, to a rational mind, it's a bit uncertain, when and how do we begin to understand that, a paradigm shift is urgently inevitable, going by the way we've allowed flimsy and ephemeral practices to tear us apart and our failure to recognize the needful 'ASAP'.
That is; to decolonize and free ourselves from mental entanglement.
But alas, 'Oju'nu, Agba oye' is an anecdote to reflect on the way forward to a greater nation, if we must continually be relevant in global polity. 

By Tunde Odunlade

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