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By Fiyin Falodun

I wish I could scream the title and have it reverberate across every device, to the world's end.
Recently, the issue of child rape came to the fore again. I have been reading stories that are driving me . . . arghhhh! Children, no, babies, are being raped on the daily. Little vulnerable girls and boys put in the care of supposedly trusted adults, are violated, right under their parents noses. 

It's bad enough that the perpetrators, a huge chunk of the time are known people trusted by the children. Worse still is the hushed-up of the tragic episodes and victimisation of the children when they summon the courage to speak out. Some are asked "why did you go there? Didn't I ask you to sit here?"
Hay, have we asked if the teenager that was raped to death inside her father's house strayed out? NOTHING whatsoever justifies rape, worse still, child rape!

Mothers, where are you?
Why would you protect your child's rapist?
Even if the rapist was the child's father? Why?
Ma, am talking about a child you painfully, patiently and hopefully contained in your womb for nine months. A child you joyfully held after the strain of labour or caesarian section. Ha! Are you truly a mother? How are you able to look at that man in the face and allow him to touch you again after he molested your child? Are you so insecure? Is it his money that's binding your hands to your feet and rendering you mute? Or has your sense of reasoning simply been drained out of your head? I owe you no apology if you feel insulted. You are destroying a life, YOUR OWN child's life.

And you fathers whose brothers or sisters or any relative at all molest your child and you beat that child for being 'inappropriate' or lying against the adult. SHAME ON YOU! Big shame! You don't deserve that child. You're a failure. You would rather protect the identity of a child molester, a child rapist, than secure the future and wellbeing of a child who is your responsibility to protect? Ha! Shame on you!

Uncle and Aunty molester/rapist, you define the phrase 'scum of the earth'. You're less than animals. What is it about a teenager, a toddler that arouses inordinate affection in you? What chemical imbalance within your biological system has drained out your humanness? You deserve to be dismembered and fed to carnivores, while you watch as they eat parts of your body. 

As long as the society continues to victimize victims of rape, especially child rape and molestation, and give the perpetrators a smack on the hand, the blood of these innocent ones is on your head. Do we even have a remote idea how many broken adults are in our society suffering in silence from the impact of rape and/or molestation? Do we know how many cannot form emotional attachments to anyone? How many have become paranoid of any form of touch or closeness? Do we even sit and consider the far reaching consequences of our actions in protecting the perpetrators against the victims? Incestuous pregnancies? Innocent lives that have been lost while trying to take off the evidence? Gosh! I'm sick to my stomach!

Parents, that job, that career that means so much to you today, that's taking you away from your children. That relationship that makes you gag your child and even beat them when they tell you they have been touched inappropriately. Barking at them and being unavailable to even talk to when they go through these issues, I hope you find comfort in them when you eventually lose these children, emotionally or physically. I hope you're strong enough to bear the weight of your actions.
For those who truly care about these innocent and young lives, we cannot continue to be silent. We cannot continue to be on-lookers and term them as 'family issues'. If you're in a position to protect a child from being molested or raped, speak out. Silence is complicity. 

Fiyin Falodun is a social worker and a blogger
Read her blog: aprilseventheblog.blogspot.com
Contact her: whatsapp (+2347089333550)
                         Email: folugbile@gmail.com

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