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Fredrick Lugard
In the true sense of the word, there is no Nigerian nation yet. What exist are different nations of the Nigerian state born out of the 1914 bringing together of the conquered peoples that currently make up state.
The amalgamation of 1914 carried out by Fredrick Lugard was a deliberate structural arrangement that gave birth to a Nigeria with a dysfunctional nationalism. Dysfunctional in the sense that it pitted its peoples against themselves, resulting in the construction of rigid ethnic configurations that take turns to stab the heart of the country.
 The bringing together of the Igbo, Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and other tribes to form Nigeria was bound to create serious political problems as the various groupings were disparate and dis-similar.
Ethnic misunderstanding would later lead to the Nigerian civil war.

It is a bleeding country nursed at various times by sectional and special group interests. These interests ensure there is no justice, good governance, and rule of law.

The country was not founded on a principle of genuine integration, the reason it has no founding principle. Admittedly, the British colonialists came to pursue their national interest and they defined the country to suit their objectives.
What about us?
We keyed into the exploitative philosophy of the colonizers and descended even more brazenly on ourselves, creating various centres of powers to perpetuate the exploitative tendencies behind the colonial scramble on Nigeria's human and natural resources.
This should be redefined.

Until we achieve the integration that makes us Nigerians above our ethnic persuasions, the foundation of the structural amalgamation will continually go through shocks that threaten the unity of the state.

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