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Image may contain: sky and outdoorChange in the right direction is good and the capacity to hold fast to that which is good is the ultimate concern of men and women of good conscience. Our country has a large collection of good men and women with the capacity to navigate her to the pinnacle of development.
These ones must come out to be counted.
They should lift themselves, by removing their veils of silence.

Many negative tendencies occupy the political space because the bright ones have refused to shine. Remember; when light comes, darkness goes away.
The emergence of a new breed of leadership armed with patriotism, integrity and sharp foresight is what Nigeria needs for development. These ones can then form a coalition for good governance with the good hands already bestriding the political space. Ali Mazrui advised that "to emerge from confrontation to peaceful ascendancy to power, politics must be practiced by those who are fascinated by good ideas and are able to use them effectively".
As the future beckons, Nigerians should insist on men and women of exemplary characters poised to contribute selflessly to the programme of progress.

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