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Rhythm of Thought

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On a day like this, let’s lift our heads up, look into the sky, not in search of the stars or looking out for the hiding moon, but in observation of a sky not suspended by any visible spring. 

Those who bother why things are the way they are must also be worried why they easily accept the clusters of woes made real by those who make things the way they are.

To these ones, every work of nature is an experimental creation required for the evolution of society.
That our ability to question natural and man-made phenomenon has been long subdued by our contact with the merchants of inventive change in their quest to reposition man and the universe, is not the fault of Europe or America, but that of our appetite to just consume those things that comfort individual needs without actually taking into consideration community benefit.

Having found ourselves in this elemental state, our society soon became a place of “sugar” dreams mixed with the “honey” of greed and selfishness. 
We don’t produce, yet we are among the biggest consumers of everything produced by others. 
Of what use then is our heads?

Sober reflection matters in the understanding of the abilities of the state to triumph in the competition between the failures of the past and the planned failure of today. 
It does not really require deep insight to know who the winners will be in a competition for space within a system operated to starve those in need of the opportunity to achieve good life for all.
The temporary winners are the political profiteers, whose ambitions are to elevate the self above the collective, cornering political and economic powers, and working in the process to mentally debase society.

In a society riddled with low moral standard, the focus should be on recreating the mind to help establish a virile value system. Achieving this goes beyond politics. Those who lead, I mean true leaders must first be the change they crave. 
Their lives must be an example to those who follow. Unfortunately, we have not been lucky to have a beautiful size of such leaders.

Let me state:
In this journey to development I have come to realize that some birds don’t go on

voyage, they rather perch on trees and whistle, but we can no longer afford to perch and whistle, because the journey has just begun.

We have not applied the 57 years since flag independence to the realization of a new order anchored on virile state objectives. 
We have instead fumbled with selfish ambitions.

In this journey to true democracy, it is clear that valleys and hills are no wild, they are places of beauty yet to be explored by the Nigerian state. It takes brilliance and sincerity to see through the obstacles and convert them to national gains. 

The seas and the things in them are not the country’s dilemma, they are the ingredients required to help us expedite action for development.
At 57 we are old enough to stand on the high ground of wisdom to get a wider view of the greatness the land.

Harnessing the huge potentials nature has bestowed on us, reminds me of Nigeria with beautiful colours:

Blue and white
Pink and roses
Hibiscus red, Rainbow Colours

As time draws nearer, the vision gets clearer.

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