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Rhythm of Thought

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The rat in the politicians office is a good omen for the canker worm that is not interested in eating the
 fibre. The rat sits on the chair when hours of work have been eaten out by workers grazing in the midst of thorns.
The chief executive knows that the rat lives in the office.
The man in parliament  knows that the rat has teeth yet it’s a helpless rat searching for the Ghana-must-go full of money hidden in the wordrobe.
They know that the rat eats the notes, but they prefer the rat in its role to the weeping woman whose black pot is always empty.

Wait, don’t run, it means I am not an athlete
Watch and shoot, it means I am a sniper

Listen, Igidigidi and the black sheep are deviants of the same colour. But something happened when Igidigidi sat on the throne, the black sheep ate the food in his pot.
Is it not amazing?
Anyway, whether they allow the well to dry up does not matter for they cannot stop the rain from falling, but if they consulted the rain maker to play game with rain, he will surely remind them that the rain that beats a rainmaker eventually makes him mad.
Remember; a capacity to change is indispensable, equally indispensable is the capacity to hold fast to that which is good.

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