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Col. Ojukwu inspecting a guard-of-honour
At the height of the Nigerian Civil War, the leader of Biafra Col. Odumekwu Ojukwu, on June 1,
1969, in a speech to further rally his people around the idea of Biafra, delivered the Ahiara declaration.
The declaration was written by the National Guidance Committee of Biafra chaired by the eminent scholar Chinua Achebe. The other members of the committee were the Secretary Professor Emmanuel Obiechina, Ikenna Nzimiro, Justice A.N. Aniagolu, Chieka Ifemesia, Eyo Bassey and Ifegwu Eke. 

Achebe in his 2012 book “There was a Country” opines that their business was “to write a kind of constitution for Biafra – a promulgation of the fundamental principles upon which the government and people of Biafra would operate”. 

Delivered in the Biafran town of Ahiara, the declaration remains one of the most progressive national philosophies in Africa and was modeled on Tanzanian’s President, Julius Nyerere's 1967 Arusha Declaration. It is radical in intent and philosophically revolutionary.
A critical analysis of the declaration shows the drawback of the Nigerian system owing to the social formation and logic imposed on it by the colonial system of government.

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