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As Africa continues to battle its harsh economy, the West cannot escape from some of the adverse consequences of their actions on the continent. The poverty in Africa is helping global insecurity.
Though Africans are the biggest losers, but other continents are also paying the price. The 9/11 and other terrorist attacks against US targets are condemnable, but those involved in the planning and execution of the plot got their training in places like Egypt and Sudan in Africa.

In August 1993, Somali militia and armed civilian fighters shot down two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in the first Battle of Mogadishu. The battle resulted in 19 deaths, 73 wounded and one helicopter pilot captured among the U.S. raid party and rescue forces. 

Alshaabab emerged from the wreckage of Somalia, a country that was run aground by the repressive regime of Saide Barre. The wars that ravaged the country caused some young men affected by poverty to take to terrorism. The West Gate Mall siege of 2013 in Kenya which took the lives of more than 60 world citizens was an attempt by Alshaabab to prove that they can strike at strategic targets if pushed to the wall by the United States and its African allies against terrorism.

The European Union and the United States spend more than 500 million dollars annually in the fight against terrorism. This amount can be invested in the productive sectors of Africa on a non exploitative basis.
In 2003 it was claimed that Washington spent 53 billion dollars in fighting the Iraq war. With such spendings, it was not going to escape the world economic depression that followed.

For meaningful development and sustained peace in the world, the poverty that has inflicted the so-called third world countries must be addressed. Africa for too long has been the raw material base of the West. Exploiting these resources while using the policies of international institutions like the IMF to strangulate Africa’s productive sectors must be halted.

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