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Rhythm of Thought

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Rhythm of Thought


Live and lets live!
Leave me on this hill, I like it here

The hen went to the market and bought some buggers 
The monkey went to the store and got some bananas
The woman went to the hen and took the buggers
She also went to the monkey and took the bananas

Hen is hungry, it can’t take it anymore. It wants the buggers
Monkey is lonely on the tree and calling for banana
But they are late, the woman has eaten the buggers and bananas

Who will save the woman from their anger?
When the woman saw the anger of Hen and Monkey, she appealed to them to take anything they wanted from her house.
Please, can somebody tell me, what Monkey and Hen fought over to take from the house of the woman?

Any one that gets the answer, will be given 24days visa to Sugar Land, where everything is sweet.
Miss this chance and find yourself in an open ship to the Island of Coconut where Hen and Monkey will be having a dancing contest.
I am waiting...

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