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Rhythm of Thought

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Emeka! Emeka!! She calls with a trilling voice
In the morning, her voice precedes the cock crow
At that time you can get the stock, for the market is open
And her purse ready to keep the notes

Are you a stranger?
Her dramatic exploit creates a new home in the street
She drops her baby everywhere, jumps on the next ride to the lousy market
Emeka is left in-charge of the empty bank of wealth

When her voice begins to hit the street, the hood gathers to hear her out
Emeka dare not misplace the bleeding purse or the next day will not be fine

Papa Emeka, a different breed
Mama Emeka builds the wall that guards both
It’s a bubbling street
In a tortuous town
Come to the street and see the burning candle on a shaky stand

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