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Rhythm of Thought

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Rhythm of Thought


(At the stream)
Today, the stream of Idaraka will drink for the first time the blood of sacrifice. Today, the skies over the kingdom of Ugbonuga will witness the sacrifice of blood.
We will make the stream of Idaraka the Place of Blood. The Iroko in Idamiki which has been saturated with blood will have a breath of good grace.
I , Agakiki the Chief Priest of the Kingdom of Ugbonuga will open the womb of uncertainities and direct the eventual outcome of our lives.
This water has never tasted blood before, but now the Rivers of Igwuebe, Idaugo and Aga will welcome the stream of Idaraka to their fold.

(Walking towards the stream)
I can hear a voice.
It sounds like a voice that engages spirits on constant discussions.

This goat and hen were brought from Opori Market. Hope the god of the land will not reject them. (Goat bleating and hen cackling)

What’s that? A goat, a hen in the stream of Idaraka?
What are they doing there?
(She listens attentively)
That must be the voice of the Chief Priest.
(She calls)
Agakiki, is that you?
Agakiki, I heard your voice. It’s you.

Woman, what are you doing in the stream on a day when no woman comes near?

Agakiki, I am no longer a woman, I left that meeting the day I stopped recognizing the difference  between day and night.
Agakiki, the voice of the land of Ugbonuga, don’t be offended. Please, name those that came with you to the stream.

This woman, I think you have lost your head. Have you forgotten that you are in the presence of Agakiki the spirit? How dare you open your mouth to ask me questions in a place that forbids your presence.
Has your blindness turned to madness?

Agakiki the spirit, what wrong have I committed? I only asked a question to be sure that the goat I heard bleating was a strayed one. I think as an innocent one, I deserve an answer.
Agakiki, I deserve an answer.

It is for sacrifice.

uhn, did you say sacrifice?

Yes, sacrifice

So its true. They want to defile the stream. People of Idaraka, they want to defile our heritage.
Idaraka o (shouting), goat and fowl. They want to turn the stream to the Place of Blood.

Woman shut up before I place curse on you.

Agakiki, no sacrifice will take place here. I will resist it. Idaraka stream is not a place for sacrifice. It’s a place of purity. From the days of our fathers, the stream never tasted blood. You will not change that.
Agakiki, this stream will not taste blood.
Take your goat and hen back to your tent.

Odoriro, are you out of your mind? Do you know the evil you want to bring upon yourself? You want to test the wrath of the king?

Agakiki, no sacrifice will take place here. You will have to kill me first. (shouting again)
Idaraka come o, they want to finish us. They want to take our stream from us.
No, it will not happen...

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