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Okey Ndibe
Okey’s experience with America has been well captured in his new book “Never Look an American
Did the cold that welcomed him at his arrival in New York in 1988, send an urgent signal about the transfiguration of Okechukwu?
If no, why?
Anyway, his definition of transfiguration is deeper.

in the Eye”.

Chinua Achebe invited him to the United States to be the editor of the“African Commentary” magazine. From his experience running the platform,  he thinks the African Media space suffers from funding?

Wikipedia says Ndibe is one of the foremost respected and admired contributors to the social and political essence of Nigeria or lack of it.
Is that what he is?

In his books “Arrows of Rain” and “Foreign Gods, Inc” the gods were not left out.
Why don’t he want to leave the gods alone?

His father was a postal worker, and his mother a teacher. In the book, he said “Christopher Ndibe (his father) was a genial man of noble bearing and quietly brave”.
His father was a soldier in the Royal West Africa Frontier Force. He fought in World War 2.
According to Okey, hundred thousand Nigerians fought in the War.
He wonders why “Africans were consigned to the margins, their role often altogether erased, when the drama of the War was narrated?”
Does he think this is related to the precarious position of Africa in the global politics of development?

His early life was constructed with the mist of war - the Biafran adventure. This he wrote about in an essay entitled "My Biafran Eyes".
Having not read the essay, I ask, what was the optic argument he pushed?

Okechukwu Ndibe, holds an MFA in writing and a PhD in literature from the University of Massachusetts.
He has worked as a professor at Connecticut College, Trinity College and Brown University, USA.
He knows the reason Nigeria’s academic system is not driven as those in the US.
He is my guest on State Affairs!

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