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He is the only Presidential candidate I always support. 
President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari

I found him capable, rugged and kind.
His personality consumed me.
I “love” Buhari,
It was that intense that on a journey to Aleshinloye Market to get curtain, that I found the market men and women surround me, asking me who they should vote for between Jonathan and Buhari.
I wasted no time in telling them that Jonathan was not an option, that Buhari is the man.
I used my intellectual skills to lecture them on why Jonathan must be voted out.
I created the messiah image of Buhari for them to feed on.
I told them that in Buhari we have a Future of Hope.

It became a debate.

There were staunched Jonathan supporters in the market. They were mostly of the Igbo extraction.
They confronted me with their argument on why Buhari must not win.
But, to some extent, I was able to divide their Jonathanian Solidarity with my argument.
I told them Jonathan is weak and lack the WILL to build a great nation.

In my argument it was clear I hold Jonathan responsible for the monumental corruption of his time.
I swore that Buhari will tackle corruption and develop a masses oriented economic policy that will lift millions of Nigerians out of poverty.
This got them interested.
I said under Buhari, the Nigerian state will have a rebirth, that its structures and modalities will be reworked.

However, I promised that if they gave Buhari their votes, and he shows early signs of failure to meet those promises, I will speak out.

Buhari is my “Superman”,
But, somehow, I don’t like going to Aleshinloye again.

Buhari has not shown the WILL to unite the country and create a Future of Hope.
He can still do it. 
Mr. President,
The time to move into the Future is now.
I “love” you,
But I feel it is time to take a leap into the Future.

Mr. President,
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the fourth major industrial era since the initial Industrial Revolution of the 18th century.
The emerging technology breakthroughs are in fields such as:

Artificial intelligence
The Internet of things
Autonomous Vehicles 
3D printing
Quantum computing 

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the Digital Revolution, representing new ways in which technology becomes embedded within societies and even the human body”

“These technologies have great potential to continue to connect billions more people to the web, drastically improve the efficiency of business and organizations and help regenerate the natural environment through better asset management”

We need One Nation bound in Freedom, Peace and Unity. 
Flag of Nigeria

Oh God of creation, 
Direct Buhari’s cause
Guide him right
Help him the truth to know, so that we will have love and in honesty we will grow. 
Then we will live just and true and attain great lofty height.
We will build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

Mr. President,
Please, don’t contest in the next Presidential Election.
It is time to produce those who will lead us into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Sir, it’s not your role;
Your role is to create the right atmosphere for this to happen.

Work with urgency to rethink the Nigerian constitution,
Kill all form of ethnicity in your dealings,
Start an inner cleansing of your immediate environment,
And get men and women of good behaviour to assist you to efficiently run the state.
Your role is to produce the next Leaders on the ground of Good Conscience. He or she must be ready to leave in the Future...

Ethnicity and religion does not matter.
They are languages of identification and peace.
They should not be played to the detriment of the State.

I love Nigeria!
We are one!
Let’s be one.

President Buhari, 
The growth of our country is in our hands:

We can build good schools for our children. 
We can establish the best health care facilities for our people. 
We have the resources to ensure that no Nigerian is hungry.
We can build aeroplanes, those who do are not from the sun.
We can manufacture our brands of quality cars.
We can construct bridges that will be among the best in the world.
We are a great people limited by our flaws.

The time to Fly is now!

The texture of the Nigerian state provides it a unique place in a new world order.
It’s an amalgam of spirited clans refusing to use their identity as a framework for remaking the state.

Nigeria can send a manned craft to space in 10years.
Nigerian made and equipped War Ships can begin to patrol the Gulf of Guinea in shows of peace and strength in 5years.
Our universities can be remade and repositioned in 10years that they will begin to compete intensely with Cambridge and Princeton.

The time to Fly is now!

1 comment:

  1. Uncle Eddie....
    seriously I'd rather you stand for the election instead of PMB....Do you know of any fora now and in the past where he articulated his vision for Nigeria as eloquently as you have above?


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