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In October 2014, popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, wrote General Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan an open letter asking them not to contest the 2015 presidential election. Here is a section of the letter:

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi
The PDP should field any candidate other than Goodluck. His luck has expired. The APC should
The natural thing to do when there is an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergens. Goodluck is an allergen to Northern Muslims and Buhari is an allergen to Christians. Can’t we be treated with non-allergens?
PDP and APC please think twice! 

field any other candidate other than Buhari. His time has expired.

Finally what disqualifies the two is their recalcitrance... I heard reliably through the grapevines Goodluck saying: ‘people think he is 'mumu', he will give out power to another person. He has forgotten only great leaders do that for peace, stability and tranquility. He is definitely not one, and that is what further disqualifies him.

Buhari also cannot be advised. That is legendary. He believes in himself only. So if before ascending to power, he is unapproachable, when he gets power he will just turn into another Pharaoh as nobody has the monopoly of wisdom and no man is indispensable.
If the two, will mutually step down for completely different people, then please spread the good tidings for a peaceful Nigeria. Otherwise we pray for God’s indulgence.
May Allah decree what is good for us. Amin.

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