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Edmund Obilo is a journalist whose interest covers politics and economy. His interviews are sharp, blunt, investigative, and incisive. A vital ingredient of his programme is the comprehensive and factual analysis he brings on issues revolving around national and international affairs.

Edmund is in the vanguard of instilling good governance in Nigeria, pursuing the course with vigour not minding whose ox is gored. His approach includes exposing corruption through investigative reporting and research writing. Knowing that the future of a country is defined by the mindsets and actions of the citizens, he is involved in advocacies that bring him in contact with professionals, student populations, traders and artisans, campaigning in the process for citizen action for good governance. Since 2007, he has intensely engaged policy makers, interrogating their ideas, actions and projections in a bid to strengthen Nigeria and Africans' quest for development.

He has graduate and  post graduate degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Communication and Language Arts, International Relations and a post graduate diploma in Theatre Arts. Edmund is married with a daughter.
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